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Jul 14, 2011 7:00am EDT
is refusing to comment on who may or may not appear before the mp's. nick clegg, deputy prime minister, has urged senior members to attend. >> my message is to do the decent thing. you cannot hide away from this level of public anguish and anger. when you are in that position of power, you are also accountable to millions of people who consume the product of your newspapers, television channels. make yourself available. if you feel you have been wrong. you feel you have been maligned, the set the record straight. there are great opportunities to do that. >> that was deputy prime minister nick clegg. toby young joins us. we now know rebekah brooks, former "news of the world" and as her will appear before the committee. do you think rupert murdoch should? >> yes. he can be compelled to attend, if he remains in the country. i guess we will be keeping an eye on his private jet. >> he is under so much pressure, isn't he? he might have to give up the remaining british newspapers, "the sunday times" and the others. >> that seems likely. i have to say that seeing all the politicians, who were sippi
Jul 17, 2011 8:00am PDT
. that was a story we couldn't write, but i thought the future prime minister should know that. i thought nick clegg and gordon brown should know that. i got a message to camera's office via my deputy to that effect. we know it got to his chief of staff. but his chief of staff didn't think that was worth passing on. >> did that put you in perhaps the uncomfortable position of offering advice to david cameron and other politicians about who they should or should not hire? >> it wasn't advice. he was free to do what he wanted. i went to see gordon brown and e-mailed nick clegg. i was doing it's cally with all the parties. i just thought particularly as this was a story that was being ignored, i thought people ought to know there was going to be a story at some point that everybody would be writing. haven't we seen that this week? just because we couldn't write it and blow it open then didn't mean that there wasn't serious mud coming down the slipway. >> you caused a huge stir at "the guardian" when you reported roughly a week ago that former prime minister gordon brown, that his family medical records
Jul 12, 2011 5:00am EDT
. the deputy prime minister, nick clegg, called on rupert murdoch to back down on his deal to merge with a british tv network. clegg met with the parents of 13-year-old milly dowler. "news of the world" reporters hacked into the young girl's phone after she was murdered. the deputy prime minister did not mince his words, to ask them to look at how this happen and to back off the deal. >>> two crew members of the u.s. space shuttle "atlantis" have a busy day ahead. removing a busted cooling pump from the international space station during the shuttle program's final space walk. yesterday the station's robotic arm transferred a bus-sized container of supplies that "atlantis" hauled up from earth. nasa says the "atlantis" crew will stay in space one day longer than planned to help put away the nearly five tons of food, clothes and household goods that will keep the station going for an entire year. >>> here's a look at other news going on today. whether it's winter or summer, chicago manages to keep its windy city reputation intact. a violent storm slapped the city in nearby suburbs on
Jul 12, 2011 5:30am EDT
's business. deputy prime minister nick clegg met with the family of milly doweler, the 13-year-old abducted and murdered in 2002, whose cell phone was allegedly hacked by reporters from "news of the world. "after the meeting, clegg publicly urged murdoch to back offer the proposed deal. >> i would simply say to him, look how people feel about this. look how the country has reacted with revulsion to the revelations. so do the decent and sensible thing and reconsider. >> reporter: there was a time when politicians were afraid to speak out against the tabloid press. relying too heavily on their political support and fearing retribution in the headlines. with murdoch on the ropes, the silence has been broken. >> nbc's stephanie gosk reporting there. a spokesperson for news corp. says this morning that the company is investigating the gordon brown allegations. "the new york times" also reporting that several high-ranking officers at scotland yard, who were part of the original investigation into "news of the world" were themselves victims of hacking. the allegations raising new questions about t
Jun 30, 2011 5:30pm PDT
-led government's austerity plans. but deputy prime minister nick clegg criticized the job action. >> i think it's a real shame that there are strikes today because there are talks which are actually ongoing between the government and the trade unions. i don't think the strikes help members of the trade unions. i don't think it helps the public, i don't think they help the country at large. i think what everybody wants is for us to stick with it, carry on talking and sort this out. >> warner: over the past year, britain has already implemented a broad range of austerity measures to little immediate economic benefit. official figures show the economy grew by less than 1% in the first quarter of this year, less than forecast. now, two perspectives on the wisdom of austerity measures to solve debt crises. simon johnson, former chief economist for the i.m.f., is a professor at the m.i.t. sloan school of management and a fellow at the peterson institute for international economics. mark weisbrot is co-director of the center for economic policy and research. he studies international economic issues. w
Jul 18, 2011 8:30pm EDT
-- >> it was left to nick clegg of all people, of the man who last year warned cameron about coulson, to come to the pm's aide. >> look, i don't think this is about the prime minister's position. absolutely not. let's keep this in perspective. the issue about the police is people's fears as i said, that a criminal investigation may have been compromised in some way. and that's the focus of people's attention today, thanks. >> then, when the home secretary told mps she was launching three new inquiries into aspects of the police, they resumed its attack. >> judgement of the met has been called into serious question by appointing neil wallace but so has the judgement of the prime minister by appointing neil wallace's boss, andy coulson. people will look at this and think it is one rolled for the police and one for the prime minister. >> but teresa may unlike jeremy hunt last week went on the oaf expensive. >> she asked about the whole question the difference between the met and government. of course there is difference between the met and government. metropolitan police were investigating alleg
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Jul 14, 2011 9:00am EDT
minister nick clegg said all three should appear before this committee. >> i think there are big question marks about how news corporation is being run. why is it that people higher up the food chain have yet -- haven't yet taken accountability for what is emerging as an industrial-scale scandal, in the way in which these newspapers were being run? >> certain politicians have called for brooks' resignation, as she was editor of news of the world at the time. it's alleged to have hacked into the voice mail of a school girl who was abducted and later murdered. she is murdoch's trusted deputy in the u.k. rowpert murdoch has said himself he cannot make next tuesday's appointment before this committee but has offered to give evidence to the upcoming judge-led inquiry here in the u.k. and james murdoch has said he can't make next week's meeting, either, but would be happy to do that on august 10th or 11th. our understanding, martha, is that brooks, because she's a british citizen, is the only one of the three who would be obligated by law to appear before this committee but even though the othe
Jul 7, 2011 8:00pm EDT
] >> they should be. they referred to it had been if he still had the decision appeared >> nick clegg was born. they find it disconcerting that he will not speak to warn david cameron that actually he quieted the coalitions. >> i do not know what happens. it was not nick lead poses decision. generally, we all have a very long spoon with the news of the world and the news international. they endorsed free elections running by the entire machine. we have had nothing but contempt for them. we treat them with great care. >> let's talk about bskyb. do you think the takeover should be anointed it? >> first of all, these emission is closed tomorrow. the secretary has to wait this out. they take further advice from the authorities. there is still some time to go. the decision about whether the forecasting will work, parliament decided years ago is not the amount of this. it should be a matter for an independent regulator. it is a continuing duty. they can decide it any time that they are not the proper organization. >> >> one thing that will be decided is that we understand there will be a vote. how w
Jul 22, 2011 8:00pm EDT
prime minister. nick clegg proposing in the elected house for the current appointed house. the plan was then. >> to check and chamber will finally have a democratic mandate. he will be much more accountable as a result. >> after four months in office, there's nothing in the reform simply putting proposals that keep the issues bride. >> the deputy prime minister not agree that it would be a founder -- a sounder approach to decide what we want the house of lords to do, what the function should be fed before we decide how it's made up. otherwise the situation is taking the team involving wackiness going to play. isn't this yet another roadshow brought to us by the same people who thought the british people wanted the alternative though? unelected lord is a strong word and that strengthens parliament. but does he not find it ridiculous that after her teen years of abject failure the dinosaurs over their are only interested in featherbedding that they are? >> when they came to discuss the plans, more than 100 queued up to use the good >> to preserve the coalition for five years, create 3
Jul 11, 2011 11:00pm EDT
the warnings he apparently received from knick player -- nick clegg. his reputation and that of is the government could be tarnished. the prime minister made an important statement at a press conference on friday. it is also his duty to come to the house of commons and explain himself. that is what i hope he will do today. people expected to start showing leadership on this issue that so far has been completely lacking. i will not hand it over to the cultural bskyb secretary to say cultural -- to say more about bskyb. >> david cameron's comments appeared to be -- we have said that david mccammon should admit he made a mistake in appointing andy paulsen. his willingness to be straight with the people of this country is in question. there are five questions david cameron needs to answer. with these allegations passed on to david cameron, how did the prime minister first learn that andy faced serious allegations in unethical "news of the world the and at" -- "news of the world." the did discuss any allegations with senior executives and news corp. or its subsidiaries? d
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
i find relevant. -- it is not one i find relevant. >> it was nick clegg of all people, the man who warned cameron about coulson, who jumped to the prime minister's defense. >> keep this in perspective. the issue about the police is it people's fear that a criminal investigation may have been compromised in some place and that is the focus of attention today. thanks. >> then when the home secretary told mp she was launching three new inquiries, labour resumed its attack. >> the judgment of the met has been called into serious question, but so has the judgment of the prime minister by appointing andy coulson. people will look at this and think it is one rule for the police and one for the prime minister. >> but theresa may went on the offensive. >> of course there is a difference between the mets and the government. the mets were investigating wrongdoing at the "news of the world." >> been a classic piece -- then a classic piece. >> people are resigning. people are being arrested all over the place. and yet only one place remains intact. on millionaires' row. when is he going to do t
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)